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Class Info:Design the Look of Hammered metal Jewelry

design the look of hammered metal jewelry
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Creating Stamped Solder Blanks
The Crafter’s Handmade Source Place
Peggy Gabrielson
Lesson 1: The Use of the Supplies
Lesson 2: Getting Started
Lesson 3: Prepping the Metal
Lesson 4: Applying the Solder to the Copper and Stamping
Lesson 5: Full Soldering Steps in Order
Lesson 6: Finishing Techniques
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A Brief History

Taking old ideas and making it into something new and trendy! Inspiration came from a group on social media. Individuals shared their projects of their creations. Some even went as far as sharing their knowledge with others with written tutorials.

I didn't partake in the technique of soldering on metals, mainly because I didn't have the time to get into a new venture at the time. As my plate cleared, and my list grew smaller of must to do's, I found this idea of creating jewelry items from hardware supplies intriguing. I saw this to be a possible direction for me to try; thinking that it would enhance my jewelry designing.

I searched online for ways to achieve this look. I didn't want to pay for a written tutorial. I am a visual learner and need plenty of pictures, and a video to be able to take on the challenge. At that time of exploration there was none to be found.

I am sharing with you the best, and easiest steps to try this fun technique. I have made the mistakes for you, making your journey an easy one.

You may join our Facebook Group page, it is a closed group. To join you need a Facebook account. Once there you can share your projects via pictures, or message me privately through email with questions if you prefer.

My Experience
It had been several years since I used a soldering iron. My first try at using one was when my husband gave me his that he used for his work. It was heavy, and clunky to move around. During those days I was playing around with glass nuggets purchased from a dollar store, and experimenting how it could be used for jewelry.

A couple of years later I registered for a stained glass workshop. One of the items I purchased for the class was a new soldering iron, and stand. The owner of the shop freely gave me tips and suggestions; one was to spend money on good tools, and to purchase my iron that included a stand that was sturdy so it wouldn't tip over.

I had no regrets on spending the money. I did not continue in the direction of creating stained glass, but the knowledge helped me with my success in creating the projects I am sharing with you here. A technique, and skill used for new inspired ideas.

After much trial, and error I found the perfect way to achieve the look of hammered metal look the easy way. A few supplies are needed and most of them if not all could be found at a hardware store. There are safety measures to take when you try this method of soldering with a hot iron, and recommend you read the next chapter before trying your hand at it yourself.

Enjoy the process! Create Amazing things!

Supplies List
Your supplies and materials, plus safety precautions as a PDF document.

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