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Angel Acrylic Pour Painting

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Our Angel Acrylic Pour Painting is a work in progress. These are the steps we have taken so far.

  • First one layer of a dirty cup acrylic pour was first laid down on a pre cut wood.

These were purchased readymade at our local store in town. We live in a small town and at times have difficulty finding good quality products. If you can't find them in your local area we have provided a link to purchase online a set of 3 wooden circles that measure 12 inches.

3 Wooden Circles 12 Inches3 Wooden Circles 12 Inches


It isn’t necessary to prime the wood before your pour, but I did experiment with a coat of black gesso on this one. As you see in the video some of it did peek through, which I absolutely loved!

  • After my pour (I let it dry overnight) I added my angel using an old stencil I found at a hobby store.

It was difficult to decide where to add this, my goal was to enhance the acrylic painting not force the eye to go to it.

  • The praying angel has several layers of color and many layers of glossy sealant over the entire disc to give the translucency I was looking for.

It is not complete, as I am trying to give some facial enhancement to it, being aware not to take away from the original pour.

What is my goal with acrylic pours? To pour acrylic succesfully on a large disc to be used as a table top. This might take me awhile to achieve, but goals are good to have, don't you agree?

If you are curious about what acrylic pours are take a look at our Acrylic Pours Cheatsheet. It has all the information you need to learn to perfect your technique. No need to search for hard to find products, we have done that for you.


Watch our video of work in progress below, as always your comment is appreciated, don't be shy.

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