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Doodling on Canvas Board

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I love to draw and Doodle on Canvas Board using my black Sharpie Marker and my original design from my 22 Weeks: Creative Writing Prompts!  

All three videos show my process of doodling on canvas, plus a bit of my personal self included.

Basic Steps

These are few and easy for most to achieve success. No prep of the board is necessary before starting. There are a few tips to consider that would be helpful.
  1. Use a permanent black ink marker. I prefer sharpie, because their points last longer. The texture of the canvas and my heavy pressure are hard on others I’ve used in the past. Plus I like the dark black intensity I get from the lines.
  2. If your ink doesn’t flow, take the tip and lightly draw on a blank paper to remove any gesso that might of clogged the tip, from continued drawing.

Video 1

Video 2
If you want to pass my rambling, fast forward to 6:26 on the timeline.

Video 3

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