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Fancy Fabulous Sneakers Using Stencils

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It's easy to make fancy fabulous artsy sneakers using stencils! You probably have all the materials already, if not the list is below.

Supplies Used
  • Pair of your favorite tennis shoes
  • A stencil that would fit the top of your shoe
  • Fabric Markers; dark, medium and light
  • Masking or painters tape

Get Started
I purchased a brand new pair of tennis shoes for my project. You can outline any areas ahead of time or wait until the end after you have stenciled your tennies. There is no right or wrong, except using a marker that is permanent.

Vans Adult Classic Slip On Sneakers - true white, men's 6.5, women's 8Crayola Fine Line Fabric Markers, 10 Count

I prefer not to have to set the color with heat, by throwing it in the dryer. If you choose to use markers that aren’t specifically made for this purpose consider practicing on an old pair of shoes first. Remember, those rainy days; if you put a lot of effort, and time into the project you don’t want to be disappointed if it doesn’t wear well.

My Decorating Style
I decided to use my "Rose Art Stencil", instead of a freehand doodle design for this time around. My next one I will probably try drawing paisleys, and hearts in pink and purple. What do you think about that idea?

Watch my oldie but goodie video how I made mine. As always your shares are appreciated. Create something wonderful!

Your feedback is valued... don't be shy! Leave a comment, and tell me how you made fancy fabulous sneakers!

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