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How To Knit My Way

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How To Knit My Way
I learned how to knit my way for ease of holding my needles and yarn for perfect tension control. I watched a video on Craftsy "How to Knit the Wong Way". Styles of Portuguese knitting were the instructor showed how the yarn was placed in a holder to guide the yarn through it.
I researched the internet for yarn holders and stopped at local yarn shops to no avail. I even tried the big box stores. As my mind usually works, I asked myself what could I replace it with?
I thought about how the yarn holder worked and came up with a perfect solution!
In my stash of volunteering, I found a badge holder and quickly adjusted it to my needs, and made a pulley system. I found that I could knit without pain in my hands and shoulders that normally found from knitting the traditional way. I was so excited that I could take the craft up again!
Watch my video as I explain the process of knitting in video one and purling in video two.

The only difference between the two stitches are the placement of the working yarn, when knitting the yarn is in the back of the working needle (right needle for right handed knitting and vice versa for left). When purling the yarn is place in the front of the working needle.
Once you get used to holding the yarn you will be zipping through your project. I usually knit when my husband drives. It relaxes me when he does all the hard work driving the roads.
Try it while listening to television, better yet listening to music or books on tape. Enjoy the process. Inspiring creative minds. Learning something new every day!

As always your comment is appreciated, don't be shy.

Video One Knitting

Knitting part one from PeggyGabrielson on Vimeo.

Video Two Purling

Purling part two from PeggyGabrielson on Vimeo.

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