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Take Advantage of Beading Around Leather - Read These Tips

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Take advantage of beading around leather; combining easy beading know how's and leather crafting.

Few items are needed to get you started. I have listed them for you to get you started. Some are specialty items, for example a Zapper.

I loved using the Zapper. It melts (cuts) the Fireline, and balls up the ends a bit. It did give me a problem when I had to thread my needle.  I learned very quickly that all I had to do was squeeze the ends with my finger nails to flatten it so that it would go through the eye of the needle.

Basic Supplies and Materials Needed for Beading

  • Thread (Fireline)
  • Sharp needles (size 10-12)
  • Good pair of scissors or Zapper (melts/cuts Fireline)
  • Seed Beads (Miyuki are my preference of choice to use, but any would do to start)

Now I don't use my Zapper to cut my thread anymore. Tip: instead go to the sports department, and find scissors that are specially made to cut fishing line. A definite go to for cutting any thread in my opinion! Easy, peasy.

Why is it on my list? My choice of thread to use is Fireline, a coated braided thread. It is not easy to cut. I use 8lb Smoke and Clear, and I love it. I use it in all of my beading projects. Regular scissors wont cut it, at least not give a nice edge for threading your needle.

I make intricate designs primarily bags that are worn around your neck, with lots of fringe. I need to know that my work stands up to wearing and ‘some’ behavior not normal to everyday happenstance, like getting caught in hair, jewelry, etc.

Supplies and Materials for Leather Crafts

There is more to leather crafts than just the basic supplies. I would suggest a kit to make first, to see if you like the craft before spending a lot of money. Something small as a keychain, luggage tags for example, or discs are small enough not requiring time to complete.

I cut my own leather discs; I love handwork, and knowing I did it all myself. These I stain after they have been hand tooled first. The next step was to bead around it in a peyote stitch. A technique that Native Americans use in their regalia.

Using leather as my focal piece gives me a quick way to a finished stylish wearable art jewelry piece.

  • Watch my video as I share with you more beading, and leather tips.
  • Look for future blog post that will focus on leather crafts that will include the basics of stamping on leather.

Create Something Amazing!

Your feedback is valued... don't be shy! Leave a comment, and share with me some of your beading projects. As always your shares are appreciated.

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